Do a One Minute Risk Assessment

When someone in your team notices an issue or risk, help them report it immediately. Create a no-blame culture.

One minute risk assessment timer

How does your team manage risks?

Examples of risk culture in teams:

"Simple, yet powerful, tool to identify risks"

Feedback from our customer

"This was our best risk assessment session so far. Imagining failure sounded depressing at first. But putting problems out in the open was actually a big relief. "- Steve, Developer

Feedback from our customer

"...simple, intuitive and beautiful tool."- Hannu, QA tester

Feedback from our customer

"Our team had fun brainstorming risks and opportunities. We have a distributed team, so they were happy to join remotely."- Jörgen, Product Manager

Analyze Risks
Identify a Risk
Monitor Risks

Our Product Roadmap

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  • Download report as PDF done
  • Slack app In review
  • Analytics dashboard done
  • Template of common risks done
  • Make risk cards movable [drag to change position] done
  • Automatically generate a Risk Matrix done
  • Emoji support [Add emojis to risk description] Planned
  • OmniAuth Planned
  • Automatically calculate risk rating done
  • Enable voting on risks done
  • Invite team members done
  • JIRA integration [Create issues in JIRA from risk cards] Planned
  • Wizard for running the risk assessment meeting done

By identifying risks early, your team is able to overcome any obstacle thrown your way.