Meeting ideas

Stand-up Meetings

Daily stand-up meetings let team members share progress and bring up any blockers.

People: 2 - 9

Time: 10 min

1. Everybody stand up and form a circle. Use a "talking piece", for example a soft ball or a toy to throw around, to indicate which person has a turn to speak.

2. Take turns in answering:

- What did I do yesterday?
- What will I do today?
- Do I see any impediments / blockers?


- Remind people to keep the meeting short and to-the-point.
- The meeting should take place at the same time and place every workday.
- Meetings are not postponed if some of the team members are not present.
- If there is a lot to discuss, say "Let's talk about this more after the meeting".
- The meeting is NOT a status update to management or stakeholders.

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