Meeting ideas

Working Agreements

Establish a set of behaviors to keep meetings productive. Team members work together to generate ideas for effective behaviors at meetings.

At TeamSuccess we created a "Meeting Manifesto", to keep meetings productive.

People: 2 - 15

Time: 30 min

For example:

-We start meetings on time and end on time.

-We listen when others speak. If we have trouble with this, we use a "talking piece" (for example a ball), and whoever is holding the piece can talk.

-Attendees should have a reason to be in the meeting.

-Every meeting has a goal and an agenda.

-Preparation happens before the meeting.

-There should (almost) always be an outcome.

-Silence of attendees will be assumed to signal agreement.

-To get uninterrupted working time, we agree to "no-meeting Thursdays".

-Meetings are structured efficiently. Agenda items are ordered so that people can leave early if they are not needed.

Help your team run great meetings