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Frequently Asked Questions

TeamSuccess is a fun, lightweight goal-setting tool for remote and distributed teams.

How do I share a Goals Board I created?

If you created a public demo board, just copy the url and paste it to share via email or Slack, etc. Demo boards are deleted after 24 hours.

If you registered for a free account, you can invite people to your board by email.

What is a public demo board?

A public demo board is visible to anyone on the internet with the link. Any person with the link can view the board, add new cards, and delete cards.

Only share your public board link with people you trust.

Please sign up for a free account, to create private boards.

Do I need to pay for TeamSuccess?

Creating public boards is free! If you create an account, you can create 2 private boards for free.

If you want to create more than two private boards, and access advanced features, we offer a monthly subscription plan.

I want more features, can you build...

We're here for you! Send us your suggestions, and questions to us on Twitter @TeamSuccessI. You can also email us at (hello@teamsuccess.io), and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday! 🤓