Meeting Manifesto

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No more boring meetings.

Each team should together decide what goes in the manifesto, do what works for your team.

What you need

For best results

  • No phones or laptops.
  • Start with solo brainstorming, where each participant silently writes down all of their ideas on post-it notes.
  • Instruct participants to add only one idea per post-it.
  • Hang the ready canvas in your team's area. If you have remote team members, snap a photo and put it on your team's online project page.
  • Update the canvas periodically. Experiment and find out what works and what doesn't. Brainstorm on potential new ground rules.


  • We start meetings on time, and end on time.
  • We listen when others speak. If we have trouble with this, we use a "talking piece" (for example a ball), and whoever is holding the piece can talk.
  • Attendees should have a reason to be in the meeting.
  • Every meeting has a goal and an agenda.
  • Preparation happens before the meeting.
  • There should (almost) always be an outcome.
  • We establish when remote employees are unavailable to meetings due to living in distant time zones. In addition to sleeping and resting times, we respect the local religious holidays.
  • Attendees can ask for discussion items to be moved to the “parking lot” to be addressed later (when timing is better, if there is a need to gather more information, or when a missing team member is present).
  • Silence of attendees will be assumed to signal agreement.
  • To get uninterrupted working time, we agree to "no-meeting Thursdays".
  • Meetings are structured efficiently. Agenda items are ordered so that people can leave early if they are not needed.