Risk Assessment Template

Download Canvas

Risks are activities or events that may compromise the success of your product development project. To anticipate problems before they happen, use our Risk Assessment template together with your product team and stakeholders.

What you need

    Your product team and relevant stakeholders

    Post-it notes and sharpies

    Print out the Risk Assessment Canvas

    2 - 3 hours

For best results

  • Send the Risk Assessment Canvas to participants before the workshop.
  • If you have more than 10 people participating, break the group into smaller teams.
  • No phones or laptops.
  • No idea is stupid.
  • Start with solo brainstorming, where each participant silently writes down all of their ideas on post-it notes.
  • Instruct participants to add only one idea per post-it.
  • Update the canvas periodically. Brainstorm on potential new risks.
Example Risk Assessment Canvas with post-it notes

Learn more about risk management: ISO 31000:2018, Risk management – Guidelines, provides principles, framework and a process for managing risk.