Y Combinator

Product Engineer


San Francisco


Y Combinator has a small ~5 person team that makes the software that runs YC. Software is a critical part of YC - we see it as key to our future and we are investing aggressively in new software products.

Some of the things we've worked on recently are http://workatastartup.com and http://startupschool.org. You can read about the daily life at YC, the people on our team, and how we work together on our Key Values page (https://www.keyvalues.com/y-combinator)

As a member of the software team, you'll get full access to the YC program, just like founders do. You'll learn the ins and outs of how YC works, and you'll get to know and learn from hundreds of companies. You'll meet some of the most successful people in the startup world and get exposed to the best startup ideas. If you ever want to start your own company, working at YC would be an excellent jumping off point.

Who we're looking for

We're looking for capable generalist engineers. We care mostly about your ability to write great software; we don’t care if you’ve used the technologies we work with as long as you’re willing to learn them. Because we don’t have product managers, we look for engineers with great product instincts who can own whole projects from start to finish.

This is a good job for a someone who is excited about startups and interested in learning more about them. You’ve likely worked at or started a startup, or want to do so in the future.

We generally look for people with at least one or two years of work experience. We usually aren't able to hire current students or recent graduates.

Things we use

The YC internal software is mostly written in Ruby on Rails and React. It runs on AWS and PostgreSQL. Previous experience developing web apps will be helpful, but we don't care if you've used React or Rails specifically.

Location & Benefits

The YC software team is based in downtown SF. We can help you move here, but don't hire people who want to work remotely.

We’re proud to offer a set of benefits that few companies of our size can, and they’re selected to help you be productive and feel taken care of as much as possible. In addition to top quality healthcare benefits, offerings include: 401k matching, generous parental leave, commuter benefits, catered lunch, and a flexible vacation policy. We also offer highly competitive compensation, including very significant equity in YC's portfolio.

Diversity & Inclusion

YC is committed to diversity & inclusion in the companies we fund, the programs we run, and in our internal team as well. Since 2014, YC has run Female Founders Conference, which brings together women in tech for a one-day conference about startups. Two years ago, we launched Leap, an online community for women in tech. We’ve also funded organizations doing important work in the space, including Dev/Color and Women who Code. YC has a D&I Council to advocate for diversity and promote inclusion, and we are committed to increasing the diversity of our entire ecosystem. YC is an equal opportunity employer.