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Simon Data

HQ @ New York City, Remote (North America)



Jason, Matt, and Josh have vision for a product that connects marketers to their data. They incorporate a new business and commit to building a remote-first company.


The founding team pivots to straddle marketing cloud and customer data platform. They raises Series A of funding from East Coast VC's.



Employee count reaches double digits! Five core values centered around respect, mentorship, and execution are established.


Simon Data raises Series B. Market fit takes firm root. Customer base more than doubles. Employee count surpasses 50.


Simon Data is closing the gap between Customer Data Platforms and Marketing Clouds.

We are committed to building an inclusive work environment & company that inspires our employees to bring their best self to work every single day and build something lasting.

In the Simon Engineering team, we've placed our bets that you produce your best work when you feel a connection to what you do and you are inspired by your team. We believe that great companies are not built on great ideas, but that great ideas get built by great companies.


** Mentorship ** We’re here to learn and to teach others.

** Ownership ** Take pride in your work; understand how your role & work fits into the bigger picture.

** First principles ** We’re here to take on very hard problems and to disrupt an industry. Critical thinking from first principles is key here.

** Transparency & communication ** We’re all in this together. Clear lines of communication are critical to that effort

** Getting Things Done ** An urge to get things to the finish line and to show end value.