Product Manager


Oakland, CA


Binti currently has two products - the first helps approve foster parents more quickly and the second matches children with families. There is a clear path to other products that would benefit software and Binti plans to roll out others in the future.

This role will be Binti's first full-time product hire. To date, Binti's CEO, Felicia Curcuru, has been the PM for the team. The role will take over being the PM for the team and work closely with Felicia on the product vision and direction. As the company's first PM hire, you’ll help define Binti’s product culture and practice extreme ownership over critical user-facing software that is literally finding kids homes.

The role will involve spending time talking to customers (both foster parents and social workers) to understand their problems, then coming up with elegant solutions to solve those problems. The PM will work closely with Binti's designer as part of the product development process. The PM will also work closely with the engineering team, prioritizing each sprint, scoping out features and giving feedback as the engineering team is working on them.