Fun Goal-Setting and OKRs tool for Remote Teams

TeamSuccess is a fun, lightweight goal-setting tool for remote and distributed teams. You can create private and public goal boards, together with your remote team.

Our private team boards are based on the "Objectives and Key Results" goal-setting technique

Intel's original model set OKRs monthly. That required a lightweight, simple process. Our tool supports taking an agile approach to setting goals, so that you can quickly adapt and respond to change.

We empower remote teams to focus & reach ambitious goals

If you are new to how Google sets goals with "Objectives and Key Results", here is a great video on the topic. Learn what OKRs are. How they can help your team stay focused. And what to avoid when adopting OKRs.

Source: Google reWork

Visual Goal-Setting

As you can probably tell, we're big fans of OKRs. 🤓 But there was one thing missing. Research shows that bringing a visual component to goal-setting can significantly improve your outcomes. So as you are writing down your OKRs, make sure to include a visual to go along with it.

Being productive isn't working fast. It's working on what matters.

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Feedback from our customer

"Using TeamSuccess helps us to focus on what is important" - Steve, Product Manager

Feedback from our customer

"We got our productivity mojo back!"- Hannu, Developer

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